Yeniçağ Eğitim Gereçleri San. Tic. Ltd.


About Us

    Our company is active in pre-school education materials and school supplies, garden supplies and nursery playgrounds.
    Our aim is; to increase the efficiency of the pre-school institutions by making the right direction in kindergarten materials, nursery materials, nursery and playground materials, to support the institutions operating in this field benefiting from the knowledge, experience and experience obtained from the pre-school institutions. 
    In this way, while we are helping to open many pre-school institutions to this day, it is our main goal to offer professionally solutions.
    We are proud to offer high quality products and services in kindergartens and nurseries as manufacturer and importer.
    Our products are suitable to EU toy standard 88/378 / EEC and published in the framework of EU harmonization laws of the Republic of Turkey Ministry of Health act in accordance with the toys imported and has the CE conformity regulations.
Yenicag Education Materials. Tic. Ltd